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By leveraging our valuable experience with compelling solutions and reputation management, we bridge the value of new technology with successful transitions that can take your business to the next level. Our strategic and tactical three-pillar approach to change management provides solutions before, during and after transitioning to new or changing technology. By tailoring services with each client, we can capture efficiencies already in place and save you time and resources.

About Us

Our experience spans managing transitions for electronic health record systems, productivity software, digital solutions, active directory consolidations, patient portals, Office 365 migrations, Service Now, digital alert, identity and authentication systems and more. Merging a knowledge of technology with expertise in marketing, public relations and strategic communications, we provide powerful support for any transformational change.

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How We Work

We take a risk management approach with challenging transitions beginning with evaluating the impact of changing technology on target audiences. It does not take us long as we have 20+ years of experience asking the right questions. Our collaboration with your team assures branding and reputation management is incorporated, approved and aligned across all channels.

Our Three-Pillar Approach

Customized  Communications

Visual Content Development

Public Relations

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