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We merge our knowledge of technology with expertise in marketing, public relations and strategic communications.  

Health Information Technology

Implementing new information technology in healthcare settings changes organizational processes. Successful transitions require the collaboration of all impacted audiences which includes physicians, nurses, advanced practice professionals, other clinicians and decision-making executives with oversight of the project. Our experience in supporting large-scale, transformative implementations includes the development of the strategic and tactical plans that have guided healthcare providers through changes in processes and supported organizations before, during and after HIT implementations. When a large healthcare system decided to transform their traditional help desk to one with digital IT workfows using ServiceNow, we incorporated collaboration with all impacted audiences in our communication change management strategy to assure the change did not disrupt help desk and field service support. Infrastructure changes are never easy, especially for an organization that has 49,000 employees, 7,000 medical staff members and 35,000 contract workers and has a service area of 41 counties in Texas. When the decision was made to change the two-factor authentication system to a new vendor, our challenge was twofold - assuring providers and other users would be prepared and not lose access to the network and patient care was not disrupted. Communication was further complicated as applications were migrating over several months which meant users could be using two authentication systems at the same time. The successful communication strategy was the result of a collaborative effort with information services, physician, nursing and hospital leadership, marketing and physician liaisons.

Electronic Health Records

For the largest not-for-profit health system in Texas, Baylor Scott & White Health, with a combined 51 hospitals and just under 1,000 clinics, we led strategic change management communications transitioning a large portion of their medical centers from one EHR system to another, along with many supporting systems and applications. We used multiple channels to provide awareness that technology and work processes were changing so communications were skewed toward more, not less saturation. Our strategic and tactical plan supported users before, during and post implementation. The result was resource efficiencies, reduced complexity and coordinated team work. Prior to Baylor Health Care System and Scott & White joining together, we led the communication strategy for the Allscripts implementation, developing the customized communication strategy to take Baylor from paper to electronic records at the flagship Baylor University Medical Center and twelve other medical centers. For the second largest not-for-profit health system in Texas, Texas Health Resources, an early adopter of the electronic health record, we led the change management communications when feedback from key audiences indicated very little understanding of the impact of going from paper to electronic records. With 13 hospitals, 15,500+ employees and 3,200+ physicians, the communication campaign began with a comprehensive situation analysis of the key audiences impacted including employees, physicians and patients and families. With hard-stop deadlines and multiple go lives scheduled over years, flexibility was a key component in the success of our communication strategy.

The Digital Experience

EHRs facilitate access to patient portals and other secure web applications that benefit patients and consumers by providing seamless digital experiences across channels. When we were faced with a changing patient portal our challenge was developing a customized marketing/communications campaign for those patients already connected to one of the portals and targeting those who had never connected. We had more than 270,000 patients with MyChart® accounts and almost 200,000 patients with FollowMyHealth® to update. Concurrent with the consumer campaign, an internal campaign was launched to update our more than 44,000 employees and 6,000 medical staff members of the impact.

Infrastructure & Branding

When the IS departments of two huge healthcare systems are joined it takes strategy to integrate communications for complex IS-related information. After a current state analysis looking at language, design, formatting and distribution channels and a communication audit, we were able to establish a logical, intuitive hierarchy for design as well as standards for language usage and naming conventions. The comprehensive audit included email, collateral, all access points including intranets, and how planned and unplanned events were communicated. We were then able to unify and consolidate communications under a unified brand, reduce inefficiencies and streamline processes.

Office 365

Migrating two different legacy intranets onto one new Office 365 SharePoint platform is complicated even if you only move existing content over. It becomes infinitely more complex when the intranets being combined come from two different companies that recently came together. That was our challenge. At the end of the day, take an intranet live that accurately presented the processes and contact points of the newly combined company. Working with IS, we put a process in place to audit the content of both legacy intranets. We then met with content owners to develop and write content reflective of the new company, then worked with Marketing to create a site design that was innovative, streamlined and efficient.

Visual Content Creation

Visual content is processed by the human brain at an incredibly high speed; by one estimate 60,000 times faster than text. Visuals provide powerful support for any transformational change. We work with our clients to customize content that captures attention, creates a visual story and leaves a lasting impression, and have experience working with agencies, healthcare organizations, universities, corporate clients, non-profit organizations, universities, music labels and publications.

Public Relations and Reputation Management

Maintaining a good reputation when rolling out new or changing technology is a complex and ongoing process that takes integrated communication strategies. We provide a portfolio of PR tools and techniques that includes customized content for presentations, blogs, briefing packets, newsletters, annual reports, videos, short testimonial documentaries and a diverse range of content for web sites, Office 365 collaborative tools and social media.

Technical Guides, Onboarding & Online Learning

Our communication strategies maximize perceptions of the positive impact of new or changing processes, support reputation management and minimize confusion. During a current state analysis, we evaluate the impact of the change, define and segment audiences, identify channels and recommend solutions. We distill technical information and translate jargon into information that is as easy to digest as we can make it with the goal of getting people up to speed as quickly as possible. We take an audience-centric approach to clearly communicate and sell value.

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